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Just Liv It Blog

Top 5 Reasons To Clean Your Bong

You wouldn’t leave your bath towel unwashed, you wouldn’t not clean your drinking glass, and you certainly wouldn’t re-use your cutlery over and over without giving them a wash. So why do people not clean their smoking equipment? Here at Just Liv It we understand that when you...

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Stash and Store

Going on holiday, going camping, or simply want to keep your spare key safe our stash and store safes are for you. Put whatever you want in them, your jewelry, spare key, cash and to the unsuspecting eye these stash and store pots will look completely unsuspecting. Whether you opt for the Rubik&rsqu...

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Wolf Rolling Kits.

You know how it goes, you go to make a cigarette but can't find your skins. Or maybe you manage to roll but end up with no lighter. Or even worse, you're out and about only to realise you've left your smoking apparatus at home. With the Wolf rolling kit these moments are something of the...

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Stocking Filler Ideas

Are you searching for stocking fillers for your loved ones? Here’s a list of ideas to get your Christmas shopping started; £5 and under: Take them back to the 90’s with this 8-ball grinder for £4.99; it might not tell your future but we both know this won’t end up...

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How to clean a bong Limpuro style

We all know that things can get a bit dirty and everything needs a clean now and again; there's no exception when it comes to your bongs. Below is a quick guide on how to clean your bong, and therefore get the most use out of it. First, how dirty is your bong? Have you left it for weeks, mayb...

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Anatomy Of A Water Pipe

Glass water pipes come in all shapes and forms.  With so many new designs, trends, and styles, they are constantly evolving in appearance.  Below is our infographic on some basic anatomy of a glass water pipe.   Source: Smoke Cartel

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