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How to clean a bong Limpuro style

We all know that things can get a bit dirty and everything needs a clean now and again; there's no exception when it comes to your bongs. Below is a quick guide on how to clean your bong, and therefore get the most use out of it.

First, how dirty is your bong? Have you left it for weeks, maybe months ( maybe never) with old water in the bottom, or just let the grime, tar and dirt build up? Start by running hot water through the bong, this will help loosen the grime clinging to the sides.

We recommend using Limpuro cleaner as its 100% biodegradable and can be used on both plastic and glass bongs (http://www.justlivit.co.uk/limpuro/cleaner). Plug any holes to ensure your water and cleaning solution doesn’t go everywhere. If you’re using Limpuro concentrate, mix between 5-10ml with 100ml of water and pour this in, leave to soak for 5-10 minutes.

Once you've soaked your bong with your cleaner you should see the grime has disappeared, but still, make sure you rinse your bong several times to ensure all the cleaner has been rinsed out.

Don't leave it too long in-between cleans! As with anything, if you clean something often it takes less time and effort the next time around.

Happy cleaning.