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Stocking Filler Ideas

Are you searching for stocking fillers for your loved ones? Here’s a list of ideas to get your Christmas shopping started;

£5 and under:

Take them back to the 90’s with this 8-ball grinder for £4.99; it might not tell your future but we both know this won’t end up in the charity shop in January.

Give them the gift of laziness with a rolling machine. We've got a whole range of different rolling machines from regular to king-size; they start at just £2 with some big names such as ZigZag and OCB.

Instead of an oversize plush keyring, how about a Freekey for £5? A keyring which allows you to take your keys on and off without breaking a nail or causing a sweat. It’s a gift they won’t know they needed until they use.

£10 and under

Get them in the party mood with this battery-powered disco ball for £7.50. A perfect gift for a lil’ raver.

The Raw Rolling Tray set for £10 comes with everything a smoker may need, papers, rolling tray and mat, roach card.. A no-brainer.

The Safe Candle for £9.99 is a candle with a hidden metal canister to store keys, money, or anything you like really. Why not fill it with Christmas chocolates and slip it in their stocking.

£20 and under

We all need a practical gift every now and then. Got a friend you know how desperately needs to clean their gear? No more excuses with our huge range of Limpuro products to clean your pipes and bongs. The range starts at £1.20 and ends at £19.20.

Have them smoking in style using their Headchef Samurai grinder. This metal 55mm 4-part grinder is only £16 at the moment, a ruddy bargain making them think you splashed out the dollar, and leaving you with some extra dough to maybe even get yourself one.

Keep ‘em rolling with a FULL box for Raw 3 meter rolls for £17.50.

The Rubik’s Cube is a standard Christmas gift, kick it up a notch with this Rubik’s Cube Safe Storage, looks like an average cube but it’s able to store their valuables inside; £16.99.

£50 and under

The Cheeky One Rolling box is a gift for them, and you! Fed up of finding their skins, roach, grinders and lighters lying all over the place? The Cheeky One box is a perfect place for them to store all their smoking equipment. End the tidying arguments for £24.99.

An option if your special someone just *needs* all their kit to be a specific colour. The Red Eye Raswell pipe comes in 12 different colours; red and green to keep those Christmas vibes coming, or how about a pink one for the special lady in your life? £35 each.

Never hear them complain again that they’re out of papers or roach. The Raw Organic Connoisseur papers with tips are only £40 for an entire box, guaranteed to keep them quiet for a hella-long time.

Think they might appreciate something a little fruitier? Let them try every flavour of the rainbow with the Juicy Jay’s mixed flavour box. Each box has 24 packs with a random selection of flavours for just £32.

£100 and under

Forget the boring old black and silver models, the Alivi8 Vapouriser comes in too many colours for you not to find their perfect shade for £69.99

Really treat them with a glass bong from Weedstar, there’s a whole range of percolators and diffusers available, from the Deepsea Double to the Uhrerk 2.0.